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As Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle testified on the Trump assassination attempt, Josh Hawley joined the show to share what he's discoveed when he visited the sight of the assassination attempt, and he raises serious questions brought to him by whistleblowers sounding the alarm on the USSS. Erin Friday also exp

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What's the most important choice of Sen. Josh Hawley's life? What are the duties of a man? How does a father raise sons to be fine men themselves? Sen. Josh Hawley comes to Dream City Church to answer those questions as he talks about his book, Manhood, the enduring truths of the Bible, and living a Christian family li

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Kirk Cameron is joined by Senator Josh Hawley to share the values needed by today’s men and how to raise children who will stand for Truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Charlie Kirk & Josh Hawley 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Joe Biden Wants More Money with Sen. Josh Hawley and Matt Boyle

America is broke, but in his speech Thursday night, Joe Biden asked for another hundred and five billion dollars in spending, with almost all of it going to far-off foreign wars. Sen. Josh Hawley reacts to Biden's persistent America-last approach and also talks about the NCAA, Hamas's "Pay for Slay" policy, and more. P

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Charlie Kirk & Josh Hawley 06 Oct 2023 • EN

Why D.C. Just Doesn't Care with Sen. Josh Hawley

Why does the Senate care so much about Ukraine, and so little about the border? Why does D.C. like to posture about China, but then does almost nothing to catch or punish Chinese spies? Sen. Josh Hawley joins Charlie to explore the "Vietnam Syndrome" that grips the uniparty ruling class. He also explains why he voted f

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Charlie Kirk & Josh Hawley 27 Jun 2023 • EN

CNN’s Tape: “Bombshell” or Dud? with Senator Josh Hawley

CNN has released a tape of Donald Trump supposedly mishandling classified info. But is that really the case, or is there more to the clip than meets the eye? Charlie reacts, then gets a response from Senator Josh Hawley before discussing the irate left-wing reaction to Hawley’s new book, ‘Manhood.’ Support the show: ht

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