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Welcome  back to The Challenges of Faith Radio Program. Today's guest is Jeanine Mitchell, the Executive  Producer and Host of the "The New Approach Show ". The program streams live on the Daily Gospel Network *every Saturday at 9:30 pm EST) and.other streaming apps such as Apple TV, Amazon fire, Roku and The New Appro

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Gary McCants & Jeanine Mitchell 25 Feb 2023 •

Jeanine Mitchell: Executive Producer/Host of The New Approach Show

Jeanine shares how her organization, New Approach and the New  Approach Media TV program selects extraordinary men and women to tell  their story of how they overcame insurmountable odds. Jeanine  also shares how, her organization and TV program hopes to inspire,  empower and uplift it's listening audience or viewers.

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Podcast with Jeanine Mitchell


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