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This week, Jason is put in the hot seat by the voice of the viewer and the curious Canadian, David Arduin! In this yearly recap, Jason and David reflect on the predictions made last year,  make predictions for 2024, discuss navigating missteps, what hobbies they want to explore, and what Jason would do differently. The

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Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick 18 Aug 2022 • EN

Grape Therapy: Wedding Plans & The Bachelorette(s) with Jason Tartick

Mr. Jason Tartick is joining his beautiful-eared fiancé for a long overdue pod reunion to talk about all things wedding, life, and of course, this week's episode of The Bachelorette. Right off the bat, the two address the recent headlines claiming they’ve postponed their wedding. What's the truth? Well, they will tell

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Shawn Johnson + Andrew East & Kaitlyn Bristowe + Jason Tartick 22 Jun 2022 • EN

kaitlyn bristowe + jason tartick

In this episode we sat down with one of our favorite couples and friends, kaitlyn bristowe and jason tartick! In one of our most authentic conversations, we talked about the different stages of life, balancing your career and personal life, and how to prioritize your time. Jason just released his book, The Restart Road

79 min
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Jayson Waller & Jason Tartick 11 Apr 2022 • EN

#109: Restart Roadmap with Jason Tartick

It’s never too late to restart your life! In this episode Jayson Waller gets into a deep conversation with Jason Tartick, an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and the host of Apple’s top charting business podcast ‘Trading Secrets’. After 10 years of working in corporate banking, he took an unexpected detour into reality

34 min
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Maria Ciuffo + Francesca Mariano & Jason Tartick 08 Apr 2022 • EN

AMA, Kardashian Korner + Jason Tartick Interview

West Coast tour tickets > https://t.co/Ry82NsN9FN. BRAND NEW CITO MERCH > http://bit.ly/citomerch. Our first Q&A segment and we're starting with an AMA! (5:16-1:04:05). Kardashian Korner (1:05:46-1:22:15). Interview with Jason Tartick – talking his new book, life with Kaitlyn + more! (1:23:45-1:51:33). Follow us on Ins

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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Jason Tartick 06 Apr 2022 • EN

When Do You Reboot Everything? (with Jason Tartick)

How happy are you, truly, with your job and life? Many people go through the motions in a job they don't like, never taking the leap to do something they actually enjoy. The average life expectancy is 79 years. How many of those years are you willing to waste doing something you don't love? Jason Tartick is well known

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