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David Beckworth & Henry Curr 17 Jan 2022 • EN

Henry Curr on the Myths and Uncomfortable Truths about QE

Henry Curr is the economics editor for the Economist Magazine and a returning guest to the show. Henry has a new working paper out titled, “Money Printers Go Grrrr: Three Myths and Three Uncomfortable Truths about Quantitative Easing.” Henry joins Macro Musings to discuss these three myths and uncomfortable truths abou

51 min
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Anne McElvoy + Henry Curr & Janet Yellen 27 Feb 2020 • EN

The Economist Asks: Janet Yellen

28 min
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David Beckworth & Henry Curr 04 Nov 2019 • EN

Henry Curr on Inflation, the Phillips Curve, and A New Monetarism

Henry Curr is the economics editor for The Economist magazine, and the author of a special report by the magazine on the phenomenon of low inflation now facing the global economy. Henry joins the show today to outline this report and the big questions surrounding low inflation. David and Curr also discuss the persisten

63 min
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