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James Jacobson & Ed Jamison 22 Jul 2022 • EN

Changing the Dog Catcher Narrative with Ed Jamison

Ed Jamison is an animal welfare pioneer. Using data to convince sceptics, he has helped governments in Ohio and Texas transform their animal control programs into animal welfare programs. Ed’s initiative City Dogs rebranded bully breeds to convince locals that pit bulls are great pets to adopt. He built play yards at t

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James Jacobson & Ed Jamison 12 Nov 2021 • EN

Ed Jamison: When the Dog Catcher Rebrands Animal Control

You know that person at work who has a new idea every five minutes? Who says at least once a meeting, “I was thinking about it, and why don’t we…?” That’s Ed Jamison. But he’s not some tech entrepreneur – he’s an expert in animal welfare with decades of government experience, and now the Director of Operation Kindness

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