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Cori Murray + Charli Penn & Janelle Monae 26 Sep 2020 • EN

Janelle Monae Talks Rest As Resistance For Black Women

This week, we’re talking to singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress...THE Electric Lady herself -- Janelle Monae (@janellemonae), whose new movie Antebellum is out now on-demand. She chats with hosts, Cori Murray (@corimurray) + Charli Penn (@charlipenn) about why it’s time for Black women to put their capes dow

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Cori Murray + Charli Penn & Tamron Hall 15 Sep 2020 • EN

Tamron Hall Teaches Us How To Bet On Ourselves!

Broadcast news and daytime talk royalty Tamron Hall (@tamronhall) is here! And she breaks down what it means to be a trailblazer in journalism, why being raised by a village was so important for her, and what it really means to bet on yourself as a Black woman. Let us know what you think using #YesGirlPodcast on social

37 min
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Cori Murray + Charli Penn & John David Washington 11 Sep 2020 • EN

John David Washington Casually Saves The World & We Head To THE PYNK With Nicco Annan!

THE John David Washington (@johndavidwashington) is here to talk all things The Tenet and building a legacy! Cori’s going to double-mask it and head to theaters to see it. And Nicco Annan (@alldaynicco) aka Uncle Clifford talks about everything from what strip clubs and church have in common to how good ARE strip club

53 min
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Cori Murray + Charli Penn & Tia Mowry 17 Jul 2020 • EN

Gratitude Is Tia Mowry’s Youth Serum!

Who better to discuss the reflection and wellness with than actress, mother, wife, businesswoman extraordinaire - Tia Mowry (@tiamowry)?! She’s a doll and gave us a good word and some homework around mastering our health journeys and aging like fine wine. From her battle with endometriosis to the health supplement she’

44 min
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Cori Murray + Charli Penn & Michael B. Jordan 10 Jan 2020 • EN

Michael B. Jordan Is Taking Total Control Of His Creative Destiny & We STAN

The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Panther - the list goes ON. We are always here for a strong Black come-up in Hollywood so you know we (Cori Murray @corimurray and Charli Penn @charlipenn) were 10 different kinds of thrilled to chat with Michael B. Jordan about his spectacular career thus

28 min
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Cori Murray + Charli Penn &  Raphael Saadiq 03 Oct 2019 • EN

Raphael Saadiq’s Hits Have Some Dope Backstories + So Does His Name!

Cori and Charli stanned really #hoord for this week’s guest. Borderline embarrassingly so. It’s only because he’s so cool and chill and has HITS for days! Raphael Saadiq (@raphael_saadiq) aka ⅓ of Tony! Toni! Toné! aka Still Ray stopped by to talk about his latest album “Jimmy Lee” and gave us some little-known insight

87 min
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