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Chemda Khalili + Keith Malley & Chuck Nice 06 Nov 2023 • EN

3739: Just Smart Enough w/ Chuck Nice

StarTalk’s Chuck Nice joins KATG for the first time and talks about the scariness of space and the intellectual depths of scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. The trio also discusses Israel, Palestine, and Hamas as well as America's new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his son being pornography accountability b

70 min
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Keith Malley + Chemda Khalili & Murf Meyer 17 Aug 2023 • EN

3705: Heartless and Uncalled For w/ Murf Meyer

KATG rounds off the week with the fabulous Murf Meyer. They talk catfish victims, insensitivity to fires and floods, love, friendship, and acid.

83 min
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Keith Malley + Chemda Khalili & Carmen Lynch 21 Jun 2023 • EN

3683: Titanic 2 w/ Carmen Lynch

Carmen Lynch returns as the gang discuss dating people with children and how Rick and Morty are dealing with changing the voices of Justin Roiland’s characters. Keith then informs Chemda of the OceanGate Expeditions’ Titan submersible and its inevitable doom.

50 min
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Keith Malley + Chemda Khalili & Kyle Kinane 22 May 2023 • EN

3671: Song & Emotion w/ Kyle Kinane

New guest Kyle Kinane joins the duo to discuss stand-up albums with clever track titles, Drunk History, definitely not being an alcoholic, and the Holocaust Museum. Cheers!

62 min
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Keith Malley + Chemda Khalili & Shane Mauss 29 Mar 2023 • EN

3650: Cough It Up w/ Shane Mauss

KATG catches up with psychedelic expert Shane Mauss to discuss the latest in mind portals in an episode that Keith is willing to die for.

68 min
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Chemda Khalili + Keith Malley & Murf Meyer 15 Mar 2023 • EN

3643: Stick Em Ups w/ Murf Meyer

Murf Meyer joins Keith and Chemda to discuss drugs, harm reduction, his sordid past, and corned beef.

74 min
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