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Chris Do & Corey Poirier 24 Jul 2024 • EN

Mastering Authenticity and Personal Branding - with Corey Poirier

Unlocking Authenticity In this episode, Chris Do engages in an enlightening conversation with Corey Poirier, a seasoned speaker, author, and advocate for authenticity. Corey shares his compelling journey from a small-town background and starting late in life to becoming a notable speaker with five TED Talks and multipl

54 min
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Andy J. Pizza & Cal Newport 05 Jun 2024 • EN

456 - How to Quit Hustling AND Be More Productive with Cal Newport

This episode is for you if: Hustle culture and social media are destroying your creativity You’ve lost hope of ever being able to do enough You intuitively know the pace of the world and industry isn’t conducive to creative productivity but need language to understand why You need a map to more satisfying work life bal

44 min
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Chris Do & Noah Kagan 21 Feb 2024 • EN

How to Craft A Million Dollar Business - With Noah Kagan

Finding Million Dollar Opportunities in Everyday Problems In this episode, host Chris Do sits down with Entrepreneur Noah Kagan, the founder and CEO of AppSumo, as he shares valuable advice on cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset, recognizing business opportunities and persisting through challenges. Drawing from his

83 min
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Debbie Millman & Kara Swisher 16 Oct 2023 • EN

Kara Swisher

Tech journalist, opinion leader, and disruptor—Kara Swisher has hosted hundreds of newsmaking interviews tracking tech and media's changing power dynamics, often going head-to-head with the most prominent figures in the technology industry. She joins a live studio audience to talk about her inimitable career covering t

71 min
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Build Unstoppabe Teams for Your Architecture Firm (All In - Book) Mike Michalowicz, a seasoned entrepreneur who has experienced both success and failure, has dedicated his career to developing innovative entrepreneurial strategies. He is renowned for creating Profit First, Clockwork, Fix This Next, and Get Different, a

52 min
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Debbie Millman & Kevin Kelly 18 Sep 2023 • EN

Kevin Kelly

Digital visionary, bestselling author, founder of the popular Cool Tools website, and Co-Founder and Senior Maverick of Wired magazine—Kevin Kelly joins to talk about his career, his new book, and his radical optimism about the future of our world and humanity.

88 min
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