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Adam Smith & Ben Bernanke 01 Jun 2023 • EN

Ben Bernanke: Nobel Prize Conversations

“As an economist, I'm looking at that number and trying to think about how it fits into a broader economic picture. But on the other hand, having grown up in a small town, not a very rich town, economically very stressed place I could think about the real families, real people that those numbers represented. That was i

42 min
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Adam Smith & Ben Bernanke 11 Oct 2022 • EN

Calling Ben Bernanke, 2022 economic sciences laureate

“What we’re talking about here is credit.” — In this conversation, recorded the day after the announcement from Stockholm, Ben Bernanke stresses the importance of the financial system as a critical part of the broader economy, not just a 'side show'. “That’s the real insight,” he says, “that credit can help provide gro

13 min
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Stephen J. Dubner & Ben Bernanke 03 Dec 2015 • EN

229. Ben Bernanke Gives Himself a Grade

He was handed the keys to the global economy just as it started heading off a cliff. Fortunately, he'd seen this movie before.

47 min
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