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Jasun Horsley & Ann Diamond 31 Oct 2021 • EN

The Liminalist # 295: The Tower of Song (with Ann Diamond)

Return conversation with Ann Diamond on where the evidence-body of Leonard Cohen’s legacy is buried, and why. Part One: Circles of Hell (0 – 32 mins) Bodies under McGill, Kevin Annett, MKULTRA, circles of Hell, pillars of Montreal, culture of crime, enter Leonard Cohen, a messiah complex, going to the dark side, 360 sh

119 min
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MK Ultra survivor and award winning author, Ann Diamond, joins the program to discuss her journey as a victim and survivor of MK Ultra. How she sees it in todays world and how she has learned to enjoy life. We learn that the globalist cult have been perfecting mind manipulation methods to control humanity for at least

57 min
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