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Richard Butler I am a podcast veteran who has gone under the radar for the last decade, starting my podcasting journey with my original podcast My Take Radio, and now owner and operator of the RAGE Works Podcast Network which hosts a variety of shows and has nearly 5000 hours of published audio on the web. Our next goal is to take a podcast network model and bring it into a brick-and-mortar environment.

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Richard Butler & Matthew Stibbe 11 Nov 2022 • EN

70: The Adventures Of Matthew Stibbe

In a world where profits come before people, Matthew Stibbe strives to be different and lead differently. His conversation with Rich not only touched on his fantastic resume in the gaming and later tech industry and how both of those paths led him to where he is today as CEO of Articulate Marketing. But, of course, it

60 min
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Richard Butler & Austin Bellino 04 Oct 2022 • EN

69: Underdog Showcase: Austin Bellino

Getting Schooled By Austin Bellino Fellow Underdogs group member Austin Bellino joins Rich for this week's Toys & Tech of the Trade. Austin is not only a fellow podcaster but a world citizen, thanks to his teaching work. Rich and Austin discuss his origin story and how his journey to be a pro baseball player evolved in

72 min
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Richard Butler & Sarah LaValle 06 Sep 2022 • EN

67: Long Island Networkers Spotlight: Sarah LaValle

This post-Labor Day edition of Toys & Tech of the Trade Rich welcomes Sarah LaValle, owner of Simple Sweet Sites, to the show. Sarah is a web designer and content creator who creates unique white-label websites on the Wix platform. Rich and Sarah discussed her origins, how she went from talented viola player to web des

63 min
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Richard Butler & Adam Lowe 30 Nov 2021 • EN

#52: Adam Lowe | Arculus

This week we talk crypto and crypto wallets with Adam Lowe. Adam is the Chief Innovation Officer at CompoSecure and the creator of the Arculus card-based cold storage crypto wallet. CompoSecure is the leader in premium financial cards, and the company is now bringing its premium offerings to the crypto space with the A

56 min
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Richard Butler & Alex Sanfilippo 25 Mar 2021 • EN

#45: Alex Sanfilippo | PodMatch & Creating A Brand

In this week's episode of Toys & Tech of the Trade, Rich sits down with content creator, podcaster, and founder of PodMatch Alex Sanfilippo. What is PodMatch? PodMatch is a service that connects podcasters with potential guests using tactics similar to the dating apps of today and factors details such as compatibility,

108 min
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Richard Butler & Brenden Kumarasamy 12 Aug 2020 • EN

#36: Brenden Kumarasamy | Master Your Talk

The benefits of being an excellent public speaker are more necessary than you think as our interactions, especially in the current environment, when communications rely less on in-person meetings and more on conversations in front of a camera or behind a microphone. This week’s guest Brenden Kumarasamy shares more on t

54 min
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