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Nick Zilieris
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Nick Zilieris, DO, MBA, CHCQM-PHYADV

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Nick Zilieris Proven success as a fully diversified physician administrator and positive disruption thought leader with a keen business acumen. My background includes a vast knowledge base of over 12 years in utilization management and operations at heavily matrixed for-profit healthcare organizations, non-profit healthcare organizations, and proficiency in all lines of business for the insurance payor realm as well. In my most recent role at UnitedHealth Group, an industry leader in modernizing healthcare delivery and reforming the eco-system around and within it, has brought my understanding of healthcare full circle. Furthermore, the humility of being honored to be Adjunct Faculty at the University of Miami speaks to the various areas of healthcare where I am considered a subject matter expert. My upcoming role as a Founding Faculty Member and Assistant Clinical Professor at the Orlando College of Osteopathic Medicine is another testament to my commitment to ushering in the next generation of leaders in healthcare by empowering young minds to pioneer medicine to the next level. This has put me in a very niche position to educate on and discuss fact-based opinions and views in literally every realm of healthcare: including policies, regulations, operations, quality, safety, artificial intelligence innovations, future trends, and more. Healthcare is undergoing one its most formative endeavors: reforming "healthcare" into "health" by developing fully integrated and interconnected platforms of segmented brands using a marketing mindset.

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