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Francesca Turauskis & Kirsty Pallas + Sophie Ruffles + Keri Wallace 05 Jun 2022 • EN

Climbing whilst pregnant, adventuring as a parent and Mental Health Awareness Week

This episode takes a close look at the news articles about Olympic climber Shauna Coxsey climbing whilst pregnant. We talk about the different reactions to her journey, how the articles are framed, and we hear first hand experience of climbing whilst pregnant. We go on to talk about the wider perceptions and culture ar

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Sophie in her own words:   “I am a solicitor and mum of one, currently pregnant with my second. I’m a runner, outdoor swimmer, paddle boarder and host of the What Next Mum Podcast.  I have been running for 12 years and have run plenty of half and full marathons.  When I had my son I had a real fear that I would lose my

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