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Tom Luongo & Tom Bodroviks 31 Oct 2023 • EN

Episode #159 - Tom Bodrovics and the Art of Motorcycle Podcasting

Host of the exellent podcast Palisades Gold Radio Tom Bodrovics joins me for an important discussion about the the difference between deciding on the path of your life versus allowing the path to define itself. Tom's story is one that I found both compelling and oddly similar to my own. And I believe it makes for excel

84 min
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This is Part II of the discussion between myself, Vince Lanci and Tom Bodroviks of Palisades Gold Radio. Vince and I try to walk through the mechanisms through which a market shifts from one place to another and why that has massive implications for the US dollar and the global economy. This isn't an hour of doom porn,

72 min
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I spent a couple of hours with Tom Bodroviks of Palisades Gold Radio and Vince Lanci discussing what was going on in the foundations of the global monetary system. There's a lot to unpack here as we discuss the role of gold, the insolvency of the Bundesbank in Germany, what Powell at the Fed is really trying to accompl

55 min
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Podcast with Tom Bodroviks


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