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Retired U.S. Colonel Larry Wilkerson discusses the Biden administration's unconditional support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bombardment of Gaza and large-scale indiscriminate attacks on Palestinian civilians. He points to state-sanctioned torture and other unlawful acts committed by the U.S. after 9/11 and

53 min
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Paul Jay + Talia Baroncelli 31 Jul 2023 • EN

Russian Anti-War Activist – Boris Kagarlitsky Arrested – Paul Jay

Paul Jay and Talia Baroncelli discuss the recent arrest of Russian anti-war sociologist and Marxist Boris Yulyevich Kagarlitsky. Boris was interviewed several times on theAnalysis.news. Talia and Paul dig into what a long-term stalemate and threats of nuclear war might mean for Ukraine, Russia, and the world—part 1 of

30 min
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