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Heather Parady & Sam Jones 29 Sep 2022 • EN

Sam Jones (On Creative Curiosity)

Sam Jones is an acclaimed photographer and director whose seminal portraits of President Obama, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Bob Dylan, Kristin Stewart, Robert Downey Jr, Amy Adams, Jack Nicholson, and many others have appeared on the covers of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, Time, Entertainment Weekly and

27 min
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Howard Lindzon + Knut Jensen & Sam Jones 06 Jan 2022 • EN

Sam Jones of on the Live-Stream Economy

We welcome Sam Jones, Co-founder and CEO of OOOOO, back to the show to discuss his evolving plans for building a technology platform that helps brands and entrepreneurs share their products and services through live, interactive, shoppable videos. I’m a small investor in the company, and hope you’ll be OOOOO so excited

50 min
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Sam Jones & Dave Grohl 10 Dec 2020 • EN

Ep 7. Dave Grohl

Being a bona fide badass is the price of entry for a career in rock and roll; and if you ask Dave Grohl, it’s the key ingredient for just about anything worth doing. His approach to life has fueled the Foo Fighters’ 20 year,11 album career and garnered him a following of very stoked rock fans, many of who gathered at t

61 min
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Sam Jones & Awkwafina 03 Dec 2020 • EN

Ep 156. Awkwafina

Awkwafina (also known as Nora Lum) is having quite a moment. She’s a part of the impressive cast of female icons (Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and more) in Ocean’s 8, and she’s so hilarious in Crazy Rich Asians that you’ll barely hear her next line over the sound of your own laughter. What does this moment

63 min
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Sam Jones & Aubrey Plaza 19 Nov 2020 • EN

Ep 50. Aubrey Plaza

When the notoriously poker-faced Aubrey Plaza says that she’s wanted to be an actor since she was 13 and thus isn’t surprised it’s happening, or that perhaps the universe responded to her acting daydreams, you have to wonder, does she really mean that? Understandably, Aubrey Plaza used to hate the word “deadpan,” as as

64 min
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Sam Jones & Matt Damon 08 Oct 2020 • EN

Ep 168. Matt Damon 2

For those of you watching this week’s Off Camera episode, do not adjust your sets…that is me sitting across from Matt, humiliatingly dressed head to toe in a Red Sox uniform, having lost a bet to Matt when my beloved Dodgers lost in the world series for the second year in a row. And for those of you listening or readin

65 min
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