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 Download Episode. Scott interviews Keith Knight about his new book Domestic Imperialism: Nine Reasons I Left Progressivism. They go through a number of insights, all cited in the book, that convinced Knight that those with compassion for the world’s poor ought to embrace nonaggression and free markets. Discussed on t

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 Download Episode. Scott is joined by Nebojsa Malic to discuss the U.S. flying F-16s over Bosnia and Herzegovina in a threat to the Bosnian Serbs. Malic lays out the historical context before he and Scott dig into what’s happening now. Discussed on the show: “US Flies F-16 Fighter Jets Over Bosnia in Threat to Serbs W

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Scott Horton & Alan MacLeod 17 Jan 2024 • EN

1/11/24 Alan MacLeod on X’s Ban of Several Large Israel Critics

 Download Episode. Alan MacLeod of Mintpress News joined Scott to talk about how he and several other prominent critics of Israel’s war in Gaza had their X accounts banned last week without notice. The accounts have since been restored, with Elon Musk promising to investigate, but Scott and MacLeod point out that the

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Scott Horton & Kyle Anzalone 13 Jan 2024 • EN

1/11/24 Kyle Anzalone on the Wars in Gaza and Ukraine

 Download Episode. Kyle Anzalone was on Antiwar Radio this week to discuss developments in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. They discuss the war crimes case against Israel, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the risk of a wider war in the Middle East, the status of the war in Ukraine and more. Discussed on the show:

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Scott Horton & Trevor Aaronson 09 Jan 2024 • EN

1/4/24 Trevor Aaronson on the FBI’s Latest Entrapment Scheme

 Download Episode. Scott talks with journalist and author Trevor Aaronson about an article he published recently at The Intercept. The piece tells the story of Jason Fong, a young Chinese American who was targeted online by some undercover law enforcement officers and federal informants who attempted to persuade him t

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 Download Episode. Matthew Hoh joined Scott on Antiwar Radio this week. They discussed Hoh’s experience waking up to the true nature of war while serving in the military. And they talk about his attempt to get Obama and the Democrats to end the wars in the Middle East just as they had promised to. Discussed on the sho

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