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Renaldo McKenzie Renaldo is the author of “Neoliberalism, Globalization, income Inequality, Poverty And Resistance,” Doctoral Candidate at Georgetown University, Graduated with a Master of Arts and then a master of philosophy from University of Penn, and is an Adjunct Professor. Renaldo is working on his next book project: “Privilege, Power, Position and Status, and Secrets to Unlocking Divine Intervention.” Renaldo is the facilitator of the corporation he founded a think tank news commentary and social media and independent publishing and book company that goes by the tagline: “serving the world today to solve tomorrows challenges.”

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This was one of the most insightful and interesting guests I have had on this show, which makes it one of the most powerful and epic episodes. We Interviewed Mr. Malik Waseem Shuler, CEO if Urbane Society located in L.A. USA. Malik is originally from Washington D.C. where his family still lives, went to college and liv

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Interview with Prof. Emeritus Dr. Martin Oppenheimer, Distinguished Sociologist, Scholar/Academic & Academic. I sat down with Professor Emeritus Dr. Martin Oppenheimer, Distinguished Sociologist, Scholar, Writer and Academic, to do an interview. We talked about: - Intersectionality - Unions and social movement organiza

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Renaldo McKenzie & Steven C. W. Taylor 03 Apr 2022 • EN

Interview with Steven C. W. Taylor, Owner of Ubuntu Fine Arts Gallery

Today I stopped past Ubuntu Fine Arts Gallery to wrap with the Owner Steven C. W. Taylor about the Gallery, it’s philosophy, how it came to be and plans for the future etc. I provided a copy of my book and discussed ways we can collaborate to facilitate “koinonia.” We end the episode, with a performance by twin brother

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