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Frank Chaparro & Anatoly Yakovenko + Raj Gokal 16 Dec 2022 • EN

Why FTX’s collapse is a ‘crucible moment’ for Solana

Solana co-founder Raj Gokal has referred to the FTX crisis as a "crucible moment" for Solana's ecosystem. The amount of value moved on Solana has decreased dramatically since Alameda declared bankruptcy in November, data from The Block shows. In this episode of The Scoop, Solana co-founders Raj Gokal and Anatoly Yakove

32 min
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Frank Chaparro & Raj Gokal 05 Aug 2022 • EN

How Solana is bridging the gap between web3 and the physical world

In this episode of The Scoop, Solana Labs co-founder and COO Raj Gokal discusses his early impression of Solana Spaces, as well as the innovation and experimentation that is occurring across the Solana ecosystem at a "breakneck pace." As Gokal explains, some people who visit Solana Spaces' first location in Manhattan a

42 min
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Ryan Sean Adams & Anatoly Yakovenko + Raj Gokal 13 Jul 2022 • EN

Solana is Launching a Phone? | Co-Founders Anatoly & Raj

Solana just released a flagship Android phone for web3 called Saga. And it really begs the question: does a blockchain need to have its own phone? Well, we brought on Co-Founders Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal to make the case. Let us know what you think about this release in the comments below or on Twitter @Bankless

70 min
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Laura Shin & Anatoly Yakovenko + Raj Gokal 30 Nov 2021 • EN

Will Solana Be the Execution Layer and Ethereum the Settlement Layer?

On Unchained, two co-founders of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal, dive deeply into the Solana ecosystem, discussing everything from the price of SOL to the Solana network outage to the competition between Ethereum and Solana. Show highlights: why Raj thinks SOL’s market cap grew from $86 million to $68 bil

68 min
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Brian Krogsgard + Jordan Fish & Anatoly Yakovenko + Raj Gokal 17 Jun 2021 • EN

Solana founders on why the Solana ecosystem will thrive

In this episode of UpOnly, Cobie & Ledger chat with the founders of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal, discussing Solana, what makes it different from other L1s, why they think it will last, and more.LinksRAJ G◎KALANAT◎LYSolanaShow Partner This episode is presented by Blockfolio. Trade on an awesome mobile interf

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