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Peter Hotez 01 Oct 2023 • EN

BONUS: Dr. Peter Hotez @ Texas Tribune Fest

Dr. Peter Hotez talks to Molly at this year's Texas Tribune Fest. See for privacy information.

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Gad Saad & Robert F. Kennedy Jr + Peter Hotez 18 Jun 2023 • EN

Peter Hotez vs Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Joe Rogan’s Show (The Saad Truth with Dr. Saad_574)

My forthcoming book The Saad Truth about Happiness: 8 Secrets for Leading the Good Life is now available for pre-order: To subscribe to my exclusive content on Twitter, please visit my bio at ____________________________

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Michael Moore & Peter Hotez 24 Dec 2021 • EN

Ep. 225: Omicron Under The Christmas Tree (w/ Dr. Peter Hotez)

Just in time for the holidays, Mother Nature has given us her biggest pandemic surprise yet. Yes folks, Omicron is everywhere – and that includes right under your Christmas tree, as you get ready to gather with your grandparents and your unvaccinated baby nieces or nephews. To help you navigate the holidays, know a lit

53 min
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Michael Moore & Peter Hotez 22 Jul 2021 • EN

Ep. 202: The Anti-Vax Movement's Public Enemy #1 with Dr. Peter Hotez

With COVID-19 cases skyrocketing in the U.S. and around the world, and the Delta variant causing havoc, we must face the fact that this pandemic is on the verge causing much more death and illness as students prepare to go back to school next month. This is especially troublesome in regions in the U.S. and regions arou

53 min
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Chris Hayes & Peter Hotez 06 Apr 2021 • EN

Vaccines: How Do They Work? with Dr. Peter Hotez

What happens in your body after you get a vaccine? The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines feels like the first positive mile marker in the pandemic but folks have a lot of questions – How were they developed? How do they work? Is there anything we should worry about? Dr. Peter Hotez has been a leading voice over the last

57 min
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Governor Andrew Cuomo's harassment scandal mounts, Jaboukie Young-White discusses COVID-19 vaccines with Dr. Peter Hotez, and Eddie Murphy talks about his sequel movie "Coming 2 America." In honor of Women's History Month, help level the playing field for girls of color in STEM by donating at

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