Shahin Vallee – Helen Thompson

Shahin Vallee is an economist. Helen Thompson is an author, interview host, and economist. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Shahin Vallee and Helen Thompson.

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Episodes with Shahin Vallee & Helen Thompson

Helen Thompson + David Runciman & Shahin Vallee + Adam Tooze 21 May 2020 • EN

Europe Blows Up

How does a judgement of the German constitutional court threaten to explode the European project? David talk to Helen Thompson, Adam Tooze and Shahin Vallee about what the court's decision might mean for the Euro, for the response to the pandemic, for Franco-German relations and for the future of central banks. Can the

55 min
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Helen Thompson + David Runciman & Shahin Vallee 20 Feb 2020 • EN

Macron vs Everyone

We talk to Shahin Vallee, former economics advisor to Emmanuel Macron, about the state of the Macron presidency: from the gilets jaunes to the pensions protests, from dealing with Merkel to facing off with Putin, and from now to the next presidential election in 2022. Did Macron save the centre of French politics or ha

50 min
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