Sarah Ellis – Nir Eyal

Sarah Ellis is an interview host, an author, and a media personality. Nir Eyal is a marketer, an investor, and an author. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Sarah Ellis and Nir Eyal.

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Episodes with Sarah Ellis & Nir Eyal

Sarah Ellis + Helen Tupper & Nir Eyal 13 Jan 2022 • EN

#253 You Coach You: Distraction with Nir Eyal

In part 2 of this 6 part series Helen and Sarah bring to life some of the ideas and insights from their new book You Coach You. They talk to experts to get their thoughts on how we can help ourselves through some of the knottier moments in a squiggly career. Every episode relates to a chapter in the book and this epsio

12 min
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