Lawrence Krauss – Leighann Lord

Lawrence Krauss is an astrophysicist, a physicist, and a theoretical physicist. Leighann Lord is a comedian, an interview host, and an actor. We found 5 podcast interviews connecting Lawrence Krauss and Leighann Lord.

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Episodes with Lawrence Krauss & Leighann Lord

Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Lawrence Krauss 06 Mar 2017 • EN

Lawrence Krauss: Accidental Origins

Fate. Purpose. Design. These are words that hang over many of our heads as we navigate the everyday chaos of life. Religion is often given exclusive purview over the discourse surrounding these concepts, but what if science was able to answer some of these same deep existential questions? We may not always like the ans

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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Lawrence Krauss 07 Feb 2012 • EN

Lawrence Krauss - A Universe from Nothing

Host: Chris Mooney We had Lawrence Krauss on Point of Inquiry less than a year ago, to discuss his recent book on the scientific works of Richard Feynman. But in order to keep up with him, we had to have him on again. Already. You see, Krauss has a new book out that's causing quite a stir right now—A Universe from Noth

32 min
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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Lawrence Krauss 28 Mar 2011 • EN

Lawrence Krauss - Quantum Man

Host: Chris Mooney Physicist Lawrence Krauss has written numerous popular books about science, including the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek. But now he's tried something different—penning a scientific biography of the famed Nobel Prize winning physicist (and infamous bon vivant) Richard Feynman. The resulting boo

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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Lawrence Krauss 10 Oct 2008 • EN

Lawrence M. Krauss - The Fear of Physics

Lawrence M. Krauss is Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and Director of the new Origins Initiative at Arizona State University. He is an internationally famous theoretical physicist who focuses on the early universe, the nature of dark matter, general relativity and neutrino astrophysics

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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Lawrence Krauss 28 Dec 2007 • EN

Lawrence Krauss - Seducing for Science

Lawrence M. Krauss is Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics, Prof of Astronomy, and Director of the Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics at Case Western Reserve University. The author of 7 popular books including international bestseller, The Physics of Star Trek, and the award winning, Atom, a

34 min
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