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Diann Wingert is a media personality and an interview host. David Greenwood is an author, a media personality, and an interview host. We found 5 podcast interviews connecting Diann Wingert and David Greenwood.

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Episodes with Diann Wingert & David Greenwood

David Greenwood & Diann Wingert 24 Sep 2022 • EN

How to Communicate Your Needs at Work Without Mentioning ADHD

Communicating your needs in the workplace when you have ADHD can be a challenge. Especially if you are hesitant to disclose your ADHD. However, to thrive in a career and a specific workplace may require you to express your needs to help you do a better job and enjoy your work. Back on the podcast is therapist turn coac

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David Greenwood & Diann Wingert 22 Jan 2022 • EN

When you have ADHD-Should you work with a therapist or coach?

This week we tackle a common question that many adults with ADHD have. Should I use a therapist or an ADHD coach? Back on the podcast is Diann Wingert, former therapist and now mindset coach working with adults that have ADHD. Diann is uniquely qualified to answer this question and talk about when you would want to wor

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David Greenwood & Diann Wingert 03 Jul 2021 • EN

ADHD, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Overcoming Distractions, we discuss a topic that has become very popular in the world of ADHD. This week we discuss rejection sensitive dysphoria with ADHD. Back on the podcast is Diann Wingert, a mindset and productivity coach. She is a former psychotherapist who now focuses her attention on working

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David Greenwood & Diann Wingert 19 Dec 2020 • EN

ADHD and radical self-acceptance Part 2

This is part two of our discussion about radical self-acceptance with ADHD coach Diann Wingert. Diann and Dave continue their discussion about why it is so important to get comfortable with yourself and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Doing so is a very powerful way to thrive in life and in business. Diann talks

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David Greenwood & Diann Wingert 28 Nov 2020 • EN

Radical Self-Acceptance with Adult ADHD Part 1

We begin a two-part series on the subject of ADHD and self-acceptance. In fact, we bring it to another level on this podcast by calling it radical self-acceptance. Adults with ADHD can truly thrive in life and in business with the proper mindset. And this podcast episode hits adult ADHD head-on and hard to uncover why

54 min
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