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Ash Brown & Mimika Cooney 21 Nov 2023 • EN

Unstick Your Mind With Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney is a leading faith-based Christian Mindset Author and Speaker known as the "Personal Trainer for your Mind". She empowers ambitious Christians to rewire their brain by combining neuroscience, positive psychology, and a faith-based approach. Mimika will teach you how to unstick your mind, develop emotional

12 min
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Ash Brown & Heather R. Younger 26 Apr 2021 • EN

Heather Younger Talks Leading with Heart

If your people know you care about them, they will move mountains. In The Art of Caring Leadership: How Leading With Heart Uplifts Teams and Organizations, employee engagement and loyalty expert Heather R. Younger outlines nine key ways that leaders can ensure all their employees feel included and cared for. Web: https

10 min
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Ash Brown & Melissa Snover 09 Nov 2020 • EN

World’s First Personalized Gummy Vitamin

I’ve lived in over 5 states in the past year. One of my top priorities is always my daily vitamins. But with so much travel and me literally losing them in different airports it’s hard to keep up with. Melissa Snover was having the same issue and decided to make life so much easier! Nourished is the worlds first custom

18 min
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Ash Brown & Karen Frame 13 Jun 2020 • EN

Earn Extra Bucks with Makeena

What’s behind the name Makeena, why was the app developed and how can you earn extra cash discovering phenomenal health conscious brands. Check out this exclusive interview with Makeena co-founder Karen Frame! Get Makeena: Web: Promo Code: vbddtg Follow: @go.makeena Abou

9 min
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Ash Brown & Jamie Broadnax 17 Apr 2020 • EN

Black Girl Nerds CEO Jamie Broadnax

Jamie Broadnax graduated with a Master's Degree in Film and a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism. She reports on entertainment news, writes movie and TV reviews, and has interviewed several entertainers for her publication Black Girl Nerds. She's covered some of the greatest entertainers from cultural tastemak

19 min
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Ash Brown & Precious Williams 08 Jan 2020 • EN

Precious L. Williams - The Killer Pitch Master

Who is Precious L. Williams, how did she master the power of the pitch and why do you need Bad Bitches and Power Pitches in your life?! Precious also leaves some inspiration for women wanting to take control of their future. Web: About: Precious L. Williams is a world-class master c

11 min
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