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Brittini Flatley & + Cole Williams + Liana Bran + Louise Reed + Calvontae Liptrot Joel Van Kuiken 07 May 2022 •

Prisoner Education & Support Panel Day 2, 361Firm Impact Summit in Chicago 5/4/22

360 One Firm (361Firm) is an independent global platform to collaborate on investments & philanthropies by/for family offices, institutional investors, and thought leaders. Watch this video on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LD8CvecZEI

28 min
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Michelle Glogovac & Louise Reed 06 Apr 2021 • EN

Legal & Criminal Justice Reform with Louis L. Reed

You are in charge of what your future looks like, regardless of your past or present. Senior Director of Memberships and Partnerships for REFORM Alliance, Louis L. Reed is the absolute living example of that. After spending 14 years in federal prison, Louis is now working towards criminal justice and legal reform. He r

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