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Emma Vigeland & Leslie Kern + Jacob Silverman 17 Nov 2022 • EN

2970 - The Myths Around Gentrification; FTX Empire Collapses w/ Leslie Kern & Jacob Silverman

Emma hosts Leslie Kern, professor of geography, environment, women's and gender studies at Mount Allison University, to discuss her recent book Gentrification Is Inevitable And Other Lies. Then, she is joined by writer Jacob Silverman to discuss the recent developments surrounding the crypto exchange FTX and its founde

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What does gentrification look like? Can we even agree that it is a process that replaces one community with another? It is a question of class? Or of economic opportunity? Who does it affect the most? Is there any way to combat it? In Gentrification is Inevitable and Other Lies (Verso, 2022), Leslie Kern travels from T

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Author of 'Feminist City: A Field Guide' Dr. Leslie Kern explores how cities exclude women and other minority groups when being designed and constructed. #MyJasper Memories | Spirit Island - Ryan reminisces about the jagged mountain peaks surrounding the glacier-fed waters of magical Maligne Lake, where the world-famou

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Jessa Crispin & Leslie Kern 15 Jun 2020 • EN

The Feminist City, with Leslie Kern

What does a fully inclusive city look like? With issues like policing, housing, child care, surveillance, and education in the news, due to the uprising and the pandemic, Leslie Kern and I consider what a city that is built for the use of all people -- not just the professional class -- could look like. Support this po

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