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Matt Scalena + Adam Scalena & Larry Beasley 13 Oct 2023 • EN

VREP #392 | Vancouver's Global Stature and Future with Larry Beasley

Larry Beasley is back! Esteemed Urban Planner, Larry Beasley, who has made significant contributions to urban planning on a global scale, and previously served as the Co-Director of City Planning for Vancouver, sits down with Adam and Matt for the first time since the pandemic. How has the perception of Vancouver chang

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DESCRIPTION Jordan Justus, CEO and Co-Founder of Automotus, discusses curb management. SPONSORS This episode is brought to you by Automotus. Automotus is creating safer, more sustainable streets for everyone with first-of-its-kind automated curb management solutions to help reduce emissions, congestion and safety hazar

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Ray Dubicki & Douglas Trumm 02 Nov 2022 • EN

Seattle City Budget with Doug Trumm

In this week"s episode, reporter Ray Dubicki is joined by The Urbanist"s executive director Doug Trumm to discuss allocations and adjustments as Seattle"s budget season moves into high gear. The City has about $1.7 billion to spend, and there"s no end of things folks are asking for. That list includes a lot of requests

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Ross O'Ceallaigh & Nate Hagens 08 Aug 2023 • EN

#71: Nate Hagens - Planning for 'The Great Simplification' of Cities

Nate Hagens is a systems thinker and educator focused on a concept he calls The Great Simplification. He has spent the last 20 years studying the systems we live in like energy, ecology and economics. He teaches at the University of Minnesota and speaks widely on these topics, including on his youtube channel called Na

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Dwarkesh Patel & Edward Glaeser 28 Nov 2022 • EN

Edward Glaeser - Cities, Terrorism, Housing, & Remote Work

Edward Glaeser is the chair of the Harvard department of economics, and the author of the best books and papers about cities (including Survival of the City and Triumph of the City). He explains why: * Cities are resilient to terrorism, remote work, & pandemics, * Silicon Valley may collapse but the Sunbelt will prospe

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Bill Kristol & Edward Glaeser 27 Aug 2022 • EN

Ed Glaeser: The Case for Cities

Why do great cities rise and fall? Why have cities been pivotal to the dynamism and growth of America's economy? What are the threats cities face today—and what can we learn from history about how best to help our cities thrive? To discuss these questions, we are joined by Ed Glaeser, chairman of the Department of Econ

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