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Kevin Pho & JL Lycette 27 Dec 2023 • EN

Hidden truths and medical intrigue

Join Jennifer Lycette, a novelist and rural hematology-oncology physician. We discuss Jennifer's latest work, The Committee Will Kill You Now, a novel that explores the dark side of the medical world, ethics, and the enduring impact of hidden secrets. Join us as we unravel the inspiration behind the book, its compellin

15 min
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Kevin Pho & JL Lycette 17 Jun 2023 • EN

A physician's fight against insurance denials

Join us in this compelling podcast episode as we dive into the world of insurance denials and the challenges faced by physicians and patients. Our guest, Jennifer Lycette, is not only a rural hematology-oncology physician but also a novelist and award-winning essayist. With her firsthand experience, she shares stories

22 min
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Kevin Pho & JL Lycette 10 Jun 2021 • EN

What I learned from stepping away from medicine for a year

"Before COVID-19, I left the practice of medicine for what would turn out to become an entire year. While away, I found a new way of seeing our hearts and bodies as humans in the medical profession, allowing me to return. Here are five lessons I learned in the hope they might help others." Jennifer Lycette is a hematol

19 min
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