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Johnny Vedmore & Jerome R. Corsi 19 Jun 2024 • EN

Dr. Jerome Corsi on The Johnny Vedmore Show - 20 June 2024

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr. Jerome Corsi is a political commentator and author of over 30 books on politics and economics - best known for his New York Times best-sellers, "Unfit for Command" (2004) and "The Obama Nation" (2008), which presented critical views on Democratic presidential candidates. Corsi holds a Ph.D. in polit

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Frank Morano & Jerome R. Corsi 10 Jun 2024 • EN

Dr. Jerome Corsi | 06-10-24

Dr. Jerome Corsi, a Harvard trained political scientist, reporter for World Net Daily and a New York Times best-selling author, whose latest book is “The Final Analysis” Topic: The JFK assassination Website: Book:

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Thomas Carrigan & Jerome R. Corsi 28 May 2024 • EN

Satanic Elite | Dr. Jerome Corsi (TPC #1,495)

Buy it: Support the podcast for as little as $1 a month GOLD | Call Genesis Gold today at (800) 200-GOLD, for a no-commitment, informative consultation with one of their experts, to find out if Genesis c

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Dr. Jerome Corsi joins the program to discuss new evidence showing the indisputable facts that the president was murdered by the Deep State. We also discuss the Truman Show weirdness that are living in with the endless lies, endless wars… Read more... The post We are Living in the Truman Show, Endless Wars, Endless Lie

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Michael Yon + Jerome R. Corsi 09 May 2024 • EN

Michael Yon & Jerome Corsi on State of the Nation - 10 May 2024

GUEST 1 OVERVIEW: Michael Yon is an American writer and photographer. He served in the Special Forces in the early-1980s, and he became a writer in the mid-1990s. He focused on military writing after the invasion of Iraq. Yon has been embedded on numerous occasions with American and British troops in Iraq, most promine

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