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Jason Sklar + Randy Sklar & Scott Rogowsky 31 May 2024 • EN

Quiz Daddy with Scott Rogowsky

Former HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky joins Jason and Randy to discuss the joy of Bill Walton, The Mets dreadful season, a Nigerian soccer player is involved in a paternity suit where he claims they were fathered by his pastor, Dodger Stadium organist Dieter Ruehle plays "We Didn't Start The Fire" while a car burns in t

75 min
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Jason Sklar + Randy Sklar & Brandi Chastain 04 Aug 2023 • EN

Goals with Brandi Chastain

World Cup Winning Goal Scorer Brandi Chastain stops by to discuss Shohei Ohtani's present and future, the Women's World Cup and the US Women's National Team, a man tries to save his relationship by way of Saquon Barkley, Alex Wennberg and his wife fight back against BookTok, Paul Pierce tells Lance Armstrong how he got

45 min
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Randy Sklar + Jason Sklar & Joe List 21 Jul 2023 • EN

Getting Messi with Joe List

Comedian Joe List joins to talk about Messi coming to the MLS, Boston sports success, a crash at the Tour de France caused by a selfie, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen crashing into another driver intentionally, Johnny Bench making a bad joke at the Reds Hall Of Fame ceremony, and Alan Rickman leaves a voicemail with a

47 min
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Jason Sklar + Randy Sklar & Ari Shaffir 02 Dec 2022 • EN

Ari Shaffir

This week Randy and Jason are joined by Ari Shaffir! Quick Hits: PGA player disqualified for 15th club, Miami in talks for arena name swap, Puige pleads guilty! Then the guys get a fantasy report from Jesse Thorn!

63 min
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Jason Sklar + Randy Sklar & Tommy Johnagin 18 Nov 2022 • EN

Tommy Johnagin

This week Randy and Jason are joined by Tommy Johnagin! Quick Hits: Drake curse strikes again, NY Giants player injured in Cabo, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield collab on pot gummies! Then the guys get a voicemail from Nic Cage!

54 min
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Jason Sklar + Randy Sklar & Jeff Dye 11 Nov 2022 • EN

Jeff Dye

This week Randy and Jason are joined by Jeff Dye! Quick Hits: ex-NBA athlete punches McDonalds security guard, former Texas runner, sneaks into high school race, bobsled pilot caught using steroids! Then the guys get a voicemail from Kris Kristofferson! Thanks to Kenny Stevenson!

64 min
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