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Fully homomorphic encryption, also known as the Holy Grail of cryptography, allows for computation to be performed on encrypted data, without the need for prior decryption. Its blockchain applications would enable programmable, institutional-grade, compliant privacy. With the addition of fhEVM libraries, solidity devel

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Friederike Ernst + Sunny Aggarwal & Guy Zyskind 09 Jan 2022 • EN

Guy Zyskind: Secret Network – Bringing Privacy to Blockchain

Formerly Enigma, Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol built using the Cosmos SDK. It uses Trusted Execution Environments on nodes to marry privacy-by-default with smart contracts. We welcomed Guy Zyskind, Founder & CEO of Secret Network, back on the show to chat about the progression of the projec

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Sunny Aggarwal + Sebastien Couture & Guy Zyskind 02 Aug 2018 • EN

Guy Zyskind: Enigma – Providing Scalable Privacy-Preservation to Smart Contacts

Privacy and scalability are arguably the most challenging issues blockchains face. Scalable privacy-preserving state machines are inherently difficult. While cryptocurrencies like Zcash have proven trustworthy for simple transactions, privacy in smart contract platforms is an entirely different animal. We’re joined by

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