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Felix Lutsch + Friederike Ernst & Sreeram Kannan 17 Nov 2022 • EN

Sreeram Kannan: EigenLayer – The Ethereum Restaking Protocol

EigenLayer is a 'programmable slashing' layer2 protocol built on Ethereum which leverages security through the method of restaking. This is a bootstrapping mechanism which allows existing Eth2 stakers to access the collateral in the staking system to provide additional services, for additional yield, while taking on ad

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Brian was joined by Felix Lutsch, CCO of Chorus One, for a discussion of what is going on in crypto today. The discussion included the evolving Proof-of-Stake landscape, the role of and trends around liquid staking and interoperability. They also discussed the crypto markets and the possible impact of a changing macro

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Podcast with Felix Lutsch


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