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Catherine Gray & Elizabeth Ribons 10 Aug 2022 • EN

Ep. 299 Your Next Career and Life! With Elizabeth Ribons

Invest In Her host Catherine Gray talks with Elizabeth Ribons, entrepreneur and founder of NEXT Career & Life, a platform of resources, tools and experience for women ready for the next part of their lives or business. Elizabeth is also the podcast host of NEXT with Elizabeth Ribons, listen where all podcasts are avail

25 min
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Elizabeth Ribons & Catherine Gray 23 Mar 2022 •

She Angels Investors with Catherine Gray

How can we effect change to create positive outcomes? What does it take to be a disrupter and challenge old ways with new ideas? Catherine Gray - Producer, Author, TedX Speaker, Host of the Podcast - Invest In Her - and Founder of She Angel Investors sheds light on the What, How and Why behind her work. How critical it

29 min
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Elizabeth Ribons & Amy Schmidt 21 Oct 2021 •

Meant For More with Amy K. Schmidt

Amy Schmidt is a podcast host, public speaker, found of Fearlessly Facing Fifty, and author of "Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Fifty - Midlife and Beyond". Amy's work is focused on encouraging women to dig deep and self reflect, get past the fear and regain who they are, their accomplishments and propel them forward wit

34 min
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Elizabeth Ribons & Natalie Ruiz 21 Sep 2021 •

People, Planet, Profit with Natalie Ruiz

Natalie is a powerhouse entrepreneur who asks "Why not?" and created an innovative "work from anywhere" model in her business as early as 2007. She was definitely ahead of the times and had positively impacted her company's triple bottom line Profit, People and Planet. Listen to her inspiring story and all the good she

42 min
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Elizabeth Ribons & Kristen Coffield 22 Jun 2021 •

The Culinary Cure with Kristen Coffield

Kristen Coaffield, Author, Speaker, Founder of the Culinary Cure and a Life navigator and culinary wellness coach. Her insight goes deeper than what you eat but how you approach eating as a way to live your best life. Follow Kristen: https://theculinarycure.com/ Follow Elizabeth and Learn More: http://www.nextcareerlif

39 min
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Elizabeth Ribons & Lara Schmoisman 27 Apr 2021 •

Designing Her Success with Lara Schmoisman

Self starter and with a creative mind, Lara took herself from living in South America to learning English, degrees in Screen Writing and into the busy world of advertising...But something wasn't right. Find out her LEAP journey. Follow Lara: https://laraschmoisman.com/ Follow Elizabeth and Learn More: http://www.nextca

28 min
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