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Ed Curtin discusses the precarious global geopolitical situation teetering on World War 3 and how in the current Cuban Missile Crisis Redux we do not have a global leadership that can use reason to solve the problem. The most dangerous thing is the insouciance of most people to what is going on, the populace is […]

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Hrvoje Morić & Edward Curtin 09 Nov 2021 • EN

Edward Curtin: There is a Direct Link Between JFK, 9/11 & Covid-19

Edward Curtin returns to discuss deep politics and what links the assassination of JFK, 9/11, and Covid-19. No president since Kennedy has dared to buck the Military-Industrial-Complex, including Trump, who is part of the same system that produced both Obama and Biden. He discusses the 1967 CIA memo which told mainstre

Hrvoje Morić & Edward Curtin 24 Mar 2018 • EN

Edward Curtin: False Flag Operations Will Start New War

Geopolitics & Empire · Edward Curtin: False Flag Operations Will Start New War #075 Professor of Sociology Edward Curtin discusses the attempts by the US, Britain, NATO and Israel to create false pretexts for an invasion of Syria and war with Russia. He discusses how the Deep State has concocted RussiaGate and how medi

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