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Mark Sanor & John Belluomini + Paula Schwarz + Mariusz Kreft + Kyle Kiperman + Michael Sauvante + Katerina Shyrikova + Elena Sabry 07 May 2022 • EN

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine Panel Day 2, 361Firm Impact Summit in Chicago 5/4/22

360 One Firm (361Firm) is an independent global platform to collaborate on investments & philanthropies by/for family offices, institutional investors, and thought leaders. Watch on youtube:

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Dan Pashman & Asma Khan 16 May 2022 • EN

Women Shouldn’t Cook For Free, Says Asma Khan

The London restaurant Darjeeling Express is the place to go for an outstanding mutton kebab, and for celebrity sightings. But the chef behind this hotspot has no formal culinary training. Asma Khan started her cooking career hosting secret supper clubs in her apartment, when her husband was traveling for work. Now she'

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Isy Suttie & Asma Khan 04 May 2022 • EN

Asma Khan with Isy Suttie

This week on the Penguin Podcast, Isy Suttie is joined by restaurateur and author, Asma Khan. Asma speaks to Isy about her most recent work, her cookbook/memoir, Ammu. They also discuss food and its connection to memory, how revelatory the writing process was for her, how a pair of blue jeans changed her life, and the

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Established and respected, Asma Khan was climbing a highly impressive career ladder in law, until she chose to address the dark hole she’d been feeling inside — later diagnosed as unfulfillment.  There are so many reasons we find to not take risks, especially when it comes to our jobs aren’t there? Fears around judgeme

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James Acaster + Ed Gamble & Asma Khan 23 Mar 2022 • EN

Ep 141: Asma Khan

Chef and restaurateur Asma Khan – owner of Darjeeling Express in London, and the first British chef to appear on Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’ – is this week’s diner. Asma Khan’s new book ‘Ammu: Indian Home-Cooking To Nourish Your Soul’ is out now, published by Ebury Press. Buy it here. Follow Asma on Twitter @Asma_KhanLDN

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Josh Kopel & Robert Greene 13 Jan 2023 • EN

Robert Greene on the laws that rule all industries

As business owners, we need to take a hard look in the mirror to determine what's working and what isn't. Today's guest, Robert Greene did just that, but, instead of tackling an industry, he chose to tackle the human condition.  Robert is a NYT bestselling author who's researched the intricacies of power, mastery, war

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