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One of the attributes of a profitable “speak to sell” speaker is their ability to entice the audience to buy while speaking on stage. If you want to monetize the stages you speak from as a coach or entrepreneur, then you must master turning a captivating presentation into action-producing invitations.  In Amplify Your

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Audrey Wiggins & Bret Ridgway 05 Jun 2023 • EN

How to Build a Profitable Speaking Business with Bret Ridgway

Bret Ridgway is a 25 year veteran of the speaking industry and brings a unique perspective handling the back of the room sales table at 150+ conferences, providing fulfillment services for some of the biggest names in the industry and speaking on many stages himself. He"s the author of 7 books focused on speakers, auth

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Peter George & Bret Ridgway 07 Mar 2023 • EN

Mistakes Speakers Make with Bret Ridgway

Would you like to hear some of the things speakers do well? What about some of the things that might not have gone so well, including a mistake that cost a speaker $375,000? My guest, Bret Ridgway, shares a few war stories and other tips that can help you avoid some of the mistakes that could derail your success.   Res

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I got to interview Bret Ridgway. Bret Ridgway is a 25 year veteran of the speaking industry. he got his start handling the back-of-the-room sales table at 150+ Internet and information marketing conferences. He is founder of Speaker Fulfillment Services, a company that works with speakers, authors and information marke

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Kim Thompson Pinder & Bret Ridgway 20 Jan 2023 • EN

Ep 315 - Mistakes Authors Make When Publishing Their Books With Bret Ridgway

Bret joins Kim to share with you his vast knowledge of publishing and the major mistakes that he sees many authors make that cost them money instead of making them revenue.

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Khudania Ajay & Bret Ridgway 15 Dec 2022 • EN

How to start a public speaking business

In this episode, we learn from Bret Ridgway, speaking industry veteran, author, and Founder of Speaker Fulfillment Services about how to start and build a profitable public speaking business.   Bret Ridgway is a 25-year veteran of the speaking industry and brings a unique perspective handling the back-of-the-room sales

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