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Adam Stacoviak + Jerod Santo & Saron Yitbarek 16 Nov 2023 • EN

Building something new (JS Party #301)

Amal & Nick are joined by Saron Yitbarek (developer, podcaster, community leader & serial entrepreneur) to catch up and discuss her latest project: Not A Designer We discuss all the ins & outs of tech entrepreneurship & the challenges of building something new in today’s saturated market. Tune in for a behind-the-scene

62 min
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Jerod Santo + Adam Stacoviak & Cory Doctorow 10 Nov 2023 • EN

Pushing back on unconstrained capitalism

This week we’re talking with Cory Doctorow (this episode contains explicit language) about how we can get back to that “new good internet.” Cory’s new book The Internet Con offers a lens to this conversation about disenshittifying the internet through anti-trust laws, limits on corporate tweaking, regulating unconstrai

95 min
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Adam Stacoviak + Jerod Santo & Nikita Shamgunov 14 Oct 2022 • EN

Taking Postgres serverless

This week we’re talking about serverless Postgres! We’re joined by Nikita Shamgunov, co-founder and CEO of Neon. With Neon, truly serverless PostgreSQL is finally here. Neon isn’t Postgres compatible…it actually is Postgres! Neon is also open source under the Apache License 2.0. We talk about what a cloud native server

84 min
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Adam Stacoviak + Jerod Santo & On Freund 24 Jul 2022 • EN

From WeWork to upskilling at Wilco

This week we’re joined by On Freund, former VP of Engineering at WeWork and now co-founder & CEO of Wilco. WeWork you may have heard of, but Wilco maybe not (yet). We get into the details behind the tech and scaling of WeWork, comparisons of the fictional series on Apple TV+ called WeCrashed and how much of that is tru

88 min
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Adam Stacoviak + Jerod Santo & Bruce Schneier 20 May 2022 • EN

Schneier on security for tomorrow’s software

This week we’re talking with Bruce Schneier — cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist, and writer (of many books). He calls himself a “public-interest technologist”, a term he coined himself, and works at the intersection of security, technology, and people. Bruce has been writing about securi

75 min
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Jerod Santo + Adam Stacoviak & Eran Yahav 17 Dec 2021 • EN

AI-assisted development is here to stay

We’re joined by Eran Yahav — talking about AI assistants for developers. Eran has been working on this problem for more than a decade. We talk about his path to now and how the idea for Tabnine came to life, this AI revolution taking place and the role it will play in developer productivity, and we talk about the eleph

76 min
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