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Michael Haltman & Rob Pecha 09 Mar 2023 • EN

Do You Ever Wonder What A 1031 Exchange Is? Meet 1031 Rob!

The 1031 Exchange - A Phenomenal Financial Planning Tool For Building Owners! And this discussion with Rob Pecha explains it all! Walking down the street in New York City, or in any city or town across America, there are commercial properties everywhere you look. When the owners of those buildings sell, is it the best

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1031 Exchange: A 1921 Gift From The IRS? Only days removed from Tax Day 2022, it’s hard to imagine but for some owners of real estate it is true that the IRS cuts them a tax break! To learn more about this tax break, along with alternative investment options, The Do You Ever Wonder Podcast Welcomes 1031 Rob Pecha! Rob,

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