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Neil Denny & Tom Chivers 07 Dec 2021 • EN

Little Atoms 728 - Tom Chivers' London Clay

Tom Chivers joins Neil to talk about walking the historical strata of London and it's hidden rivers, in his new book London Clay. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

26 min
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Georgina Godwin & Tom Chivers 16 Sep 2021 • EN

Monocle Reads: Tom Chivers

Tom Chivers is a poet and publisher who has long been fascinated by London, the city he grew up in and continues to call home. His fascination is not with the landmarks and monuments that are easy to spot but with what lies underneath the city: the hidden and submerged past that is buried below its streets. He speaks t

24 min
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Daniel Bennett & Tom Chivers + David Chivers 12 Apr 2021 • EN

How to understand statistics in the news and when to trust them

In this week's episode of the Science Focus Podcast, editor Daniel Bennett speaks to Tom Chivers and David Chivers. Tom is a veteran science journalist and author and David is lecturer in economics at the University of Durham. As well as a surname, they share a passion for statistics, or more precisely for the way that

66 min
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Iona Italia & Tom Chivers 28 Feb 2021 • EN

80 - Tom Chivers - Intelligences Artificial and Human

Tom Chivers, The AI Does Not Hate You: Superintelligence, Rationality and the Race to Save the World (2019); alternative title The Rationalist's Guide to the Galaxy: Superintelligent AI and the Geeks Who Are Trying to Save Humanity’s Future Follow Tom on Twitter @TomChivers Nick Bostrom, Superintelligence: Paths, Dange

64 min
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