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Updated: 27 Apr 2024 • 245 episodes

We Don’t Know Sports is a weekly podcast hosted by chadthemark, Mr. Brown, and Canadian Biggie. Each week they discuss everything from sports, music, pop culture, and more. You never know what you’ll get as the guest lineup will go from super fans, authors, all-stars, and hall of famers. If you’re lacking an irreverent sense of humor, this may not be for you. If you like to have a good laugh and want to be entertained by a group of lifelong friends from the hills of West Virginia, we’re the show for you!

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The NFL has turned the annual draft into a spectacle, like they do for everything else.  Detoit was no different this year, so the show this week is us having a great time!  We had a bonfire and just cut loose and recorded our show during the first 10 picks.  It will not be our most insightful episode, but one of the m

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Greg loves talking baseball and has an affinity for interviewing umpires this year! Dale Scott’s career as a professional baseball umpire spanned nearly forty years, including thirty-three in the Major Leagues, from 1985 to 2017. He worked exactly a thousand games behind the plate, calling balls and strikes at the pinn

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15 Apr 2024 • EN

Twisters and OJ

The boys talk about their harrowing tornado experience.....not really, but they're just not used to that type of trauma around WV.  Orenthal James Simpson kicks the bucket, and the internet is ruthless.  Wrestlemania, March Madness, and Green Bay Wisconsin!  There was a lot to talk about this week.  Oh yeah, the Master

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03 Apr 2024 • EN

Sportlight: Steve Wright

NFL & USFL lineman, Northern Iowa grad, Survivor contestant, entrepreneur, paddle board surfer, and more.  If you're not familiar with Steve, you're missing out.  Steve may just be the most interesting man in the world.... well at least a life many would envy.  He's got a new book out that breaks it down much better th

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29 Mar 2024 • EN

Opening Day is Here!

Of course we're excited about baseball, and we get Greg's predictions for the season, but there's a lot happening.  The NFL won't quit making headlines, a ship destroyed a bridge in Baltimore, March Madness is in the Sweet 16, and Caitlin Clark beat out Mountaineers.....but lets be honest.....the refs really beat them.

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From bookies, to MVP, to federal investigation, the world speculates about what this means for MLB, Major League Baseball, and Shohei Ohtani.  If you listened to our last guest, then you also know we made some money off of the first round of the madness.  We take all that in and more!

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