Don't Call Me Shut Up - The Podcast

Updated: 28 Dec 2023 • 37 episodes

We are sisters, business owners and professional talkers. We think we are hilarious and thought you might think so too. On our episodes we cover everything from pop-culture, entrepreneurship, anti-aging creams, travel and the best places to spend your money. Mostly we just like to hang out and wanted to invite you for the laughs - we may even learn some shit along the way.

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28 Dec 2023 • EN

Got The Morbs

We got hit by a tornado....literally. So we recorded a podcast episode with half the roof missing because this is how we chose to cope. Enjoy the final episode of season 4! 

73 min
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29 Oct 2023 • EN

Fake Texas Chainsaws

We want you to hear our most traumatic Halloween stories and then of course we want to hear yours :)  

80 min
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The stories are SHOCKING. Shocking small, shocking medium and shocking large. Throwing up the shocker. Who is this weeks Zaddy? You have to listen to find out, hint hint...he is the only artist we know. 

68 min
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We get a full recap of Natalie trip to Europe, a bunch of snacks and some good celeb updates! Fan of the Twilight Series? This ones for you!

82 min
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02 Jul 2023 • EN

You Mean to Tell Me?

Ok so, you mean to tell me....Happy to be back! Lots to discuss on this episode! Dont want to talk politics, religion, murder? Just want some good light hearted hangs? Its us, hi. Enjoy!

63 min
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25 May 2023 • EN

Brokeback Drift

Do you need a break from the heavy? Perfect, lets laugh together and think about absolutely nothing that all. Love you, sis!

75 min
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