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Updated: 18 Nov 2021 • 12 episodes

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Trish Regan & David Bahnsen 18 Nov 2021 • EN

There's No Free Lunch in America

David Bahnsen, the founder, managing partner, and chief investment officer of The Bahnsen Group and the author of the new book There's No Free Lunch, cautions the value of "work" is an essential and integral part of a flourishing economy. Bahnsen fears the powerful elites will destroy the country's economic future with

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Trish Regan & Barry Eichengreen 28 Oct 2021 • EN

Inflation, Supply Shortages, and Rising Gas Prices... What's Next?

In this episode, Trish talks with Professor and NBER Research Associate, Barry Eichengreen about a number of alarming topics including inflation, the supply shortage, and rising gas prices.   Professor Eichengreen talks about how the December 2020 and March 2021 stimulus are partly to blame for the latest inflation num

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Trish Regan & Greg Foss 07 Oct 2021 • EN

Bitcoin Ban: China’s Loss Is America’s Gain

In this episode, Trish is joined by Greg Foss, executive director at Validus Power, who discusses China's foolish decision to ban bitcoin.  Plus, they discuss bitcoin being a "digital store of energy" and not a form of currency, the challenges of mining bitcoin, and much more. Trish gives her thoughts on the latest cri

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Trish Regan & Conrad Black 15 Jul 2021 • EN

What A Big Tech Break Up Could Mean for Investors

It's no surprise that Big Tech has reached too big to fail status that some say calls for new regulations to prevent monopolization. While the politicians in D.C. figure out how to rein in the country’s biggest technology companies, Trish Regan gives the listener insights on why break up of these behemoths aren't all a

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Trish Regan & Greg Foss 28 Apr 2021 • EN

It's Simple Math: Bitcoin is Undervalued

With government overspending here to stay, Americans must balance hedging their bets against while capitalizing on a thriving market. What’s the best way to take advantage of this inflationary landscape? Hard assets, gold, and of course, bitcoin. We can’t stop talking about this crypto because it seems more poised as t

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Trish Regan & Daniel Roberts 21 Apr 2021 • EN

Tales from the Crypto: Decoding Coinbase and Bitcoin

Coinbase went public last week, ushering in an era for investors to play in the crypto space without actually having to own any cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, bitcoin seems more settled in the market, hovering around $60,000. Does this crypto confluence mean that now is the perfect time to add bitcoin to your portfolio? Or

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