Almost Plausible

Updated: 09 Apr 2024 • 79 episodes

Join Thomas, Emily, and Shep as they try to come up with movie plots based on everyday objects.

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09 Apr 2024 • EN

Ship in a Bottle

When a genie trapped in a ship in a bottle is finally (and accidentally) freed by a group of teens, she takes the kids on a life-changing high seas adventure with pirates, talking animals, and of course, treasure. References and Transcript Subscribe to the show: Apple Podcasts Spotify RSS Connect with us: Facebook Inst

54 min
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26 Mar 2024 • EN


The residents of a peaceful mountain town are shocked when a sandstorm inexplicably blows in and converts the whole area into a hot, sandy desert. They soon discover an idyllic city where their lake used to be, but what initially appears to be a gift quickly turns deadly. References and Transcript Subscribe to the show

48 min
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12 Mar 2024 • EN

Green Beer

A man steals a flask of liquid luck from a leprechaun, which ends up making its way into some beer, turning it green. Drinking the green beer gives you temporary good luck. When a group of friends discovers this, one of them heads to a casino to put his good luck to use. What they don't yet know is there's a price to p

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27 Feb 2024 • EN

Leap Day

A worldwide lottery drawing that happens every leap day reaches a one trillion dollar jackpot—and a single person wins the whole thing. Now that he has more money than anyone else in the world, his life gets demonstrably worse. What can he do to turn things around and win the heart of the woman he loves? References and

58 min
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13 Feb 2024 • EN


Cynthia rescued Gerard the bear when he was a cub and taught him to ride a tricycle. When a circus comes to town, Cynthia is overjoyed when she and Gerard are invited to join the circus and see the world. Her elation dissipates when she learns that the circus is run by literal demons, and one of them has his sights set

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01 Feb 2024 • EN

Bonus: Two Year Bracket

To celebrate the start of Almost Plausible's third year, Emily, Shep, and Thomas figure out which episode is their favorite through a bracket challenge on the show's anniversary. References and Transcript Subscribe to the show: Apple Podcasts Spotify RSS Connect with us: Facebook Instagram Discord

69 min
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