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Tom Bodrovics & Tom Luongo + Rudy Havenstein + David Collum 21 Dec 2023 • EN

David Collum – Rudy Havenstein – Tom Luongo: Twas The Financial Nightmare Before Christmas In this episode of Palisades Gold Radio, host Tom Bodrovics welcomes David Collum, Tom Luongo, and Rudy Havenstein to discuss various topics, including the upcoming US election and the state of the economy. The pa

150 min
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Ready to understand the intricacies of the financial markets, or curious to know how monetary policies can drive wealth disparity? Then buckle up, as we welcome Rudy Havenstein, a renowned satirist and financial expert, who challenges conventional wisdom on these topics and more. Together, we"ll journey through the mos

48 min
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Marty Bent & Rudy Havenstein + David Collum 25 Jul 2023 • EN

#437: History Doesn't Rhyme, It Repeats with Dave Collum & Rudy Havenstein

Marty sits down with Dave Collum and Rudy Havenstein and tries to keep Marty Jones under control. Dave on Twitter: Rudy on Twitter: 5:30 - Bants 11:41 - Background 27:20 - Banking crisis lull 33:12 - Media collapse and Twitter 48:43 - Evil rulers 1:15:

188 min
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