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Shawn Stevenson is an entrepreneur, interview host, and author. Abel James is an entrepreneur, interview host, and author. We found 7 podcast interviews connecting Shawn Stevenson and Abel James.

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Episodes with Shawn Stevenson & Abel James

For over a year now, many folks have spent a substantial amount of time locked inside their homes. While many public officials have urged staying home for the sake of health, this type of drastic, long-term lifestyle shift can have serious ramifications on our overall wellness. Staying inside can contribute to poor sle

Abel James & Shawn Stevenson 01 Jan 2021 • EN

Shawn Stevenson: How Subsidized Foods are Fattening America

Should we be prohibited from asking questions? If we lose the ability and right to speak, ask questions, to think for ourselves, to have sovereignty over our bodies and lives, we are on a precarious path indeed.

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On this show with Shawn Stevenson, you’re about to learn how to upgrade your mental performance, change your genetic expression, and get rock-solid sleep.

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Shawn Stevenson & Abel James 22 Feb 2016 • EN

Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss - With Abel James

I have a confession to make… I don’t like our society’s obsession with losing weight. As crazy as it might sound coming from someone who’s helped thousands of people lose weight, it hurts my heart a little bit every time I hear someone say they want to lose weight. Here’s why... Measuring our health by measuring our po

46 min
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Shawn Stevenson & Abel James 01 Apr 2015 • EN

Fasting, Feasting, And The Wild Diet - With Abel James

All diets are not created equal. Every day, billions of people all over the world are partaking in one form of diet or another. Many out of conscious effort. Many out of necessity. No matter what your particular diet beliefs are, there are some specific tenets that are now well known to contribute to the health and fun

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My guest this week, Shawn Stevenson is a Professional Nutritionist specializing in biochemistry and kinesiology who reversed an incurable degenerative spinal disease, and shares his speed "shredding" secrets to lose body-fast as quickly as possible.

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