Sergey Nazarov – Ryan Sean Adams

Sergey Nazarov is an entrepreneur. Ryan Sean Adams is an interview host, a software developer, and a business executive. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Sergey Nazarov and Ryan Sean Adams.

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Episodes with Sergey Nazarov & Ryan Sean Adams

David Hoffman + Ryan Sean Adams & Sergey Nazarov 02 Oct 2023 • EN

190 - Sergey Nazarov on Chainlink’s CCIP

Sergey Nazarov is the co-founder of Chainlink. Chainlink, you might know as the price oracles for DeFi… providing DeFi with the data it needs to know prices. More ambitious than just prices, Chainlink is aiming to become the interoperability layer between all of TradFi and all of DeFi, acting as a gateway between oncha