Sean Carroll – Brian Keating

Sean Carroll is a physicist, a theoretical physicist, and an interview host. Brian Keating is an astrophysicist, a physicist, and an interview host. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Sean Carroll and Brian Keating.

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Episodes with Sean Carroll & Brian Keating

Brian Keating & Sean Carroll 20 Sep 2022 • EN

Sean Carroll’s Biggest Ideas

Sean Carroll joins me to discuss his magnificent new book, The Biggest Ideas In the Universe. Sean is an American theoretical physicist and philosopher who specializes in quantum mechanics, gravity, and cosmology. He is the Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He has been a

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In 1990, Sean Carroll’s, George Field and Roman Jackiw wrote an epochal paper that had a tremendous impact on physics, and in particular, on me and my career as a young graduate student in the 1990’s. Recently, evidence for the parity violating effect from Cosmic Microwave Background observations by Planck was announce

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   Buy Sean’s books on Amazon Find Sean Carrol online and listen to his Mindscape podcast  Sean Carroll on Joe Rogan Sean M. Carroll is a Research Professor of Physics at CalTech. He is a theorist who thinks about the fundamental laws of nature, especially as they connect to cosmology. His research involves theoretical

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