Russell Brand – Fearne Cotton

Russell Brand is a comedian and an interview host. Fearne Cotton is a journalist and an interview host. We found 4 podcast interviews connecting Russell Brand and Fearne Cotton.

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Episodes with Russell Brand & Fearne Cotton

Russell Brand & Fearne Cotton 22 Jan 2022 • EN

#222 Finding Meaning in a Messy World (with Fearne Cotton)

Fearne has returned to Under the Skin to discuss her new book Bigger Than Us: The power of finding meaning in a messy world. In this episode we discuss Fearne’s work as radio and television presenter and author, and the spiritual lessons she has learned throughout her career. We also discuss, in depth, the power and in

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Fearne Cotton & Russell Brand 30 Mar 2020 • EN

Russell Brand: in isolation

Back by popular demand, Fearne dials up Russell Brand to hear how the comedian and writer has approached the sudden change in all our lives - this is one chat that will leave you feeling more positive about the future... Russell’s own podcast, ‘Under the Skin’ is available exclusively on Luminary. And you can access a

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Russell Brand & Fearne Cotton 16 Feb 2019 • EN

#067 Vulnerability, Progress & Biscuits (with Fearne Cotton)

Fearne Cotton is on Under The Skin this week talking about mental health, fame and how to grow up. A very lucid, open and thoughtful conversation.

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Fearne Cotton & Russell Brand 26 Nov 2018 • EN

Russell Brand

From his many addictions through to his very public recovery, Russell Brand has some things to say about the way we live our lives. In this episode, Fearne travels to his home to discuss childhood, his path to recovery and the tools we need to find our own happy place. Thanks to our sponsor, Fiit, the fitness app that

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