Noah Kagan – James Altucher

Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur, a media personality, and an interview host. James Altucher is an interview host, investor, and author. We found 5 podcast interviews connecting Noah Kagan and James Altucher.

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Episodes with Noah Kagan & James Altucher

From James: For the past 10 years, I have been dying for this guy to write a book. I think I've told him at least once a year, "Write a book already. You have so much interesting knowledge!"  I still remember when he first came to my podcast in 2014, he gave me advice. I still do it to this day. And we talk about "The

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Noah Kagan & James Altucher 17 Dec 2020 • EN

James Altucher - Weirder Than Ever

In this episode, I talk to James Altucher, the bestselling author of  Choose Yourself and The Power of No. He started a hedge fund, sold software companies, made millions, lost it all many times, and just an interesting guy. This is a fun holiday episode!  

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Another Side Hustle Friday Episode! This episode did not go the direction that I thought it would go. It was supposed to be 5 businesses that you can start from YouTube, instead, it became an amazing guide on how to start your YouTube Channel so you can build any business from it, and how to have a successful life! I w

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James Altucher & Noah Kagan 22 Aug 2017 • EN

Ep. 248 - Noah Kagan: Stop Fighting What You Are Good At

Noah Kagan was fired from Facebook. He was employee #30. “I think they made the right decision to fire me," he said. "One of the big realizations I’ve had in the past few years is that people need to stop fighting their natural skill. My sweet spot is getting things going. My sweet spot is promoting products I love. Th

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James Altucher & Noah Kagan 01 Aug 2014 • EN

Ep. 33 - Noah Kagan: What It's Like to Lose $100 Million at Facebook

Noah Kagan, an American Internet entrepreneur and founder of AppSumo, joins The James Altucher Show.Noah gets asked the same question every time he gives an interview... "Why were you fired from Facebook?"But today... he shares it all with James and you get to hear the real story.Noah shares two secrets that he hasn't

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